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Dear Friends,

We hope everyone has had a good year.

Rabbi Chaim Jachter, our Rav HaMakhshir, made his annual visit to inspect the eruv over the summer. He remains very pleased with the condition of the eruv. We continue to have the privilege of local rabbinic support from both Rabbis David Roth and Dani Passow. We thank them for their dedication.

We are preparing for a large revision to the eruv along Memorial Drive (east of the BU Bridge). The city is putting power lines below ground so we will be losing the poles we have been using until now. Fortunately, light posts are going up along the route and we have been negotiating for their use for the eruv. Once the revisions can begin on this section we will look into extending the eruv across the BU Bridge and connecting with the Boston Eruv.

With thanks to Rabbi David Roth, we have been able to incorporate the Chabad House serving Tufts University into the Eruv. We are looking into the feasibility of increasing the eruv to include more of the Tufts campus.

We continue to be in need of eruv checkers who are the backbone of the organization. We encourage anyone who has the capacity to volunteer to do so. This translates into checking about once every 3 weeks.

On a financial note, the eruv essentially broke even this past year. Our expenses were over $23,000 during the past twelve months. We have decided to keep dues stable and will be watching the finances carefully, especially with the revisions noted above. We encourage our community members to support the eruv as generously as possible. The suggested membership contributions are:

Suggested Membership Contribution Levels

 Families with Children
$550 Families with two incomes
$325 Families with one income
 Those without Children
$175 Per working adult
$50 Per student or non-working adult
 Volunteer Alternative
2-4 hrs.  
/ month
Checking Eruv before 2:00 PM on Thursday

Thanks as always to our dedicated Board members, Meyer Potashman, Amy Roberts, Jon Roth and Avi Klausner. Behind the scenes Rachel Spiller continues as a tour de force both as a checker and in managing our community relations.

We would again encourage people to become members of the eruv by supporting it financially and/or by volunteering to help with checking. Membership will include you in a weekly email before Shabbat noting the status of the eruv. Contributions can be made online at or can be mailed to the address above. Please email us with questions:

We hope this year is a happy and healthy one for everyone. Shana Tova,

Oren Weisberg
President, North Charles Community Eruv, Inc.